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Hello dear friends and followers of the class of 1953, Duluth Denfeld High School.

FIRST - REFRESH the page or all you will see is the "old stuff." How do I "refresh" you say? I thought maybe you would ask. Look up at the top left corner. You will see 2 arrows, on pointing back one pointing forward. The icon next to the arrows is another "circular" arrow. Click that! Voila! You are refreshed. 
Next - enjoy photos gathered from the Reunion 60 - The Last Hurrah (Ya, right, not this class) and other events held since them. 


We are starting off our update with lots of photos. 

First up, the last (probably) winter Potluck at Patsy's in January 2015


Three good fellows.   Dale, John, and Milt                                          The view of the St. Louis River is beautiful year 'round.
                                                                                                                Denny and his lovely Sylvia would agree.


 The "Great Room" in Patsy's new home is stunning.                        The modern decor in neutral colors is gorgeous.

   Never have to call these kids to the table more than once.                After the party is over, there are still dishes to be done.                              



Next up, the Spring Potluck at Patsy's in March, 2015


Okay, this is your first test. How many of the people seated at the table can you identify??? We will use Miss Gregory's grading system.
1-3, wrong an A; 4-6, wrong a B, etc. 

Here's a hint - 5 of the guests at this event are not classmates, but very loyal spouses,


Decided to leave these photos of the "new" Denfeld here. I know you have all been there by now, but here they are to freshen your memory.


The New main entrance replacing the Tower Entrance                      The main entry way     


                   The new main office                                                         The New cafeteria looking up at the Tower


 The New cafeteria just inside the main entrance                        Another view of the New cafeteria                                           


Stairway in new addition leading to New cafeteria                       Stairway on opposite end of the upper hallway to cafeteria


New cafeteria from above, food lines on left                           A new classroom, 3 rooms become 2, all new room numbers



Computer lab, around every corner, down every hall, computer labs                Lecture Hall


First floor hallway with new flooring and new lockers                    New hallway with half-sized lockers 


     Another hallway with half-sized lockers (for freshmen???)               Gymnasium 


              New text books, perhaps in the library                             Best known photo of the New Denfeld, Tower through the    
                                                                                                             skylight along the cafeteria corridor                                                       




This batch is from our gathering at Denfeld that included tours of the updates to the building followed by a great lunch. Oh, and Ken Moran was with us to take the important photo. When I find my copy, I will scan it and put it here - somewhere - stand by.



 Denfeld '53ers and their spouses waiting patiently for the tours of the building to begin.           First stop are photos of the members of the Denfeld Hall of Fame.
                                                                                                                                                '53 Classmate David Karpeles was inducted in 2009.


  Tom Skull, president of the Denfeld Alumni Association leads one of two tours.            Off we go to see just what has been done to "our" Denfeld.



Bones, his bride, and Jack's friend, Peggy.                                                            Karen, Jan (Ted's bride), and Ted


     Glenn and Rodger in the auditorium.                                                                        Roger, Clyde, Bernie, and Gayle P. Did you recognize all of them?


 Shirley, Jean, Karen, Charlene, Lela. Shirley has the answers.                                Hey, these are new floors, not "our" floors.


In absolute awe of the new classrooms! Or dumbfounded.                                        Carol and Elaine, still chums after all these years.


  Lunch is served, Ken and Elaine at the head of the line.                                            Joan and Marion smiling for the camera while Dale waits, and waits, and waits. . . 


And then it was off to the Boat dock (after a quick nap).


   Frenchy, Diane, Babs, Marion, and Joanne wait for loading to begin.                    Patiently waiting for the boat loading to begin.


  Two of our favorite fellas. Class President, Clyde Rogers and Boys Union            Claude's lovely Judy and that old Fox, Glenn.
President and Reunion Committee Chair Emeritus, Claude Lutzka.


                    Mary and John                                                                                                            Karen and Louis


   The boys, Don, Ken, and John.                                                                                    Roger and Roberta, extra credit for the alliteration. 


                                    Ron and Pat                                                                                            Joan and Jean. Yay! more extra credit for alliteration. 


     Joyce, Mike (of Mike and Marcy), and Marcy. (Ooops almost missed                                                           Richard and Barbara
this opportunity for extra credit.)


                Charlene and Joan                                                                                                            Ardis and Ben


                    Ethel and Jim                                                                                                            Glenn and Kay


        There he is! Photog extraordinaire- Milt and his side kick, Howie.                        And their ever patient brides, Kay and Barb.


       The sun is starting to set. . .                                                                                 Len and Gayle P., with Karen and Donna


        Super-duper co photog, Jerry.                                                                             Our sister ship leading the way.


        Always on the lookout for the perfect shot. . .                                                         And he gets 'em.


    Patsy and Milt get ready to toss the memorial wreath, Babs photobombing.        Class Pres., Rev. Clyde speaks of the cherished memory of those no longer with us
                                                                                                                              as Patsy and Milt get ready to toss the memorial wreath into the great Lake Superior.


    Not "Red Sails in the Sunset" but pretty spiffy. . .                                                     Far off Enger Tower welcomes her kids back to shore.


    One last idyllic shot and then it's time to. . .                                                             head back to dry land and the real world, but. . . it was GRAND! ! ! 


And then it was the next day, and the "survivors" Root Beer Float Party at Patsy's! ! ! 



    Here we are, back at Patsy's, our Duluth Home Away from Home.                        Joannie shows off her door prize with "Hostess with the Mostest," Patsy, 
                                                                                                                                    who is hoping she hasn't run out of ice cream. (Babs photobombing, again.)

And yes, another Joannie, excited to be the first door prize winner.

That's our story and we're sticking with it. We are sure there are more photos out there. If you would like to share then with the followers of the page, send them to Babs at with your permission to use them on this website. The photos shown above were taken by Milt Hill and Jerry Fitzpatrick and are used with their permission. If you wish to download any of the photos, courtesy dictates that you contact Milt and/or Jerry to secure their consent. Thanks, and there are more photos coming, stay tuned.




Duluth Denfeld Class of 1953, Inc., Board of Directors:

The Duluth Denfeld Class of 1953, Inc., and the Board of Directors technically ceased operation in January 2014 following the completion of everything concerning Reunion 60. 
However, this class just doesn't want or know how to say goodbye. So we keep going on and on. We still have a little money left, Milt manages it brilliantly. He and Patsy
collaborate on events such as the winter and summer pot lucks and the 80th Birthday Party planned for August 5, 2015. As long as there is one of us still standing and we have
a dollar left in the till, we will keep on keeping on.

Barbara F. Humphrey, Chairman
Milt Hill, Vice Chairman and Treasurer
Joanne Cameron Robson, Secretary
Directors at large:
Clyde Rogers
Patsy Munger Lehr
Faye Bjork Hietala
Roberta Donaghy Finch
Mary Haug Larson
Howie Larson
Jerry Fitzpatrick
Elizabeth "Bizz" Boyd Nelson (member emeritus- deceased)
Helmi Lepisto Hammer (member emeritus-deceased)
Marilynn Hauer Kessler (member emeritus-deceased)
John Blasack (member emeritus-deceased) 
Committee Chairman Emeritus: Claude Lutzka (deceased)

To contact any of the above listed members of the Board of Directors,
Please consult your Reunion 60 class roster for address, phone number, and/or email address.


DHSAA Board of Directors

The following are members of the Board of Directors of the Denfeld High School Alumni Association and their year of graduation from Denfeld:

Denfeld Alumni Association Board of Directors (copied from the Alumni Association web site.)

Adrienne Thureen (Bergquist, 1957)
adrienne @

Karin Swor (Henson, 1960)
karin @

Richard Swanson (1966)
swanson @

Marsha Kelly (1967)
marsha @

Angelo Florestano (1978)
angelo @

Anna Montgomery (Jimenez, 1979)
anna @

Kyle Johnson (1988)
kyle @ 

Tom Skull (2000)
tom @

Reba Marana (2006)
reba @

Melody Maleski (2007)
melody @

Leadership Committee

Joe Vukelich (1977)
vuk @

Bridget Whalen (2004)
bridget @



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