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Reunion Statistics

*Numbers 1963 - 1998 do not include spouses and guests.

Here we are - the great and truly magnificent DULUTH DENFELD CLASS OF 1953! ! ! 

Copyright 2008 by Ken Moran, used with permission.


You betcha and here is the identification guide:

The Mystery Man dilemma is solved! We should have offered a prize. If we had, it would go to Carol Woelffer Torfin who guessed BILLY ANDERSON! And she was right, confirmed by the Fiddler himself, just returned from a trip to Russia with his lovely bride. He has promised photos will be forthcoming. Thanks, everyone.

Top Photo, Top Row 5: Jerry Fitzpatrick, Roger Anderson, Glenn Fox, Bill Anderson Dean Fermenick, Dale Asperheim, Jay Kurrle
Row 4: David Gabriel, Mary Haug Larson, Frank Leslie Baker, Joan Antonson Johnson, Howie Larson
Row 3: Milt Hill, Marilynn Hauer Kessler, Bill Hussey, Dick Carter, Dianne Cloutier Anderson, Faye Bjork Hietala, Roberta Anderson Sisto, Don Lindeen
Row 2: John Hedquist, Lela Heckman Tuominen, Joyce Ekstrom Fairbrother, LeRoy Grant, Lorne “Stubby” Anderson, Joanne Cameron Robson, Elizabeth “Bizz” Boyd Nelson, Janice Benson
Row 1: John Hill, Marge Colberg McManus, Lynne Ekman Kumle, Kay Hultman Van Rosen, Barbara Amyotte Wutz, Claudia Christianson Nimrichter, Enid Baldwin Conig, Gloria Hammer Anderson, Roberta Donaghy Finch, Joan Anderson Musolf, Barbara Humphrey

Bottom Photo, Top Row 5: Gayle Johnson, Len Sojka, Tommy Musolf, Larry Johnson, Ted Keppers, Robert Klepatz, Lee Fadden
Row 4: Carol Woelffer Torfin, Betty Jorgenson Poehlin, Harlan Stnstrom, Alex Sisto, Woody Rogers, Ken Miller
Row 3: Ardis Mesedahl Imbertson, Carol Seguin Sasse, Joan Mitchell Asperheim, Clyde Rogers, Jack McKillop
Row 2: Deloris Zacher Mitchell, Doug Johnson, Patsy Munger Lehr, Don Lindstrom
Row 1: Helmi Lepisto Hammer, Una Unander Privette, Karen Johnson Somrock, Shirley Smith Kilgore, Dorismae Drill, Yvonne Lafontaine Patterson, Marcy Rendulich Gannucci

(Attending some events but not pictured: Claude Lutzka, Elaine Pederson Hill, Kay Anderson Engstrom, David Karpeles, Carole Ann Olson LaBelle)

Is this one gorgeous looking group of 70-somethings or what? Handsome men, beautiful women - we ROCK!



News from Reunion 55   Wella, wella, wella, well, tell me more, tell me more. . . 

A group of us attended the summer High School musical production at the Historic Denfeld Auditorium on Friday night of Reunion 55 weekend. With those great lyrics from Grease ringing in our ears they seemed a perfect introduction to a brief (I hope) encapsulation of the events surrounding Reunion 55. It was so wonderful. (I should stop right there, but you know me, why use 25 words when a thousand will do.)

Wednesday, July 30 dawned sunny, warm, a tich humid, but all in all - perfect. Committee members showed up around 10:30 a.m. at Patsy's and Milt had the crew hard at work setting up tables and chairs. The gals were attaching maroon and gold tablecloths, the registration tent went up, and we were ready when Jerry Goar (Denfeld class of '52) arrived. The guys all pitched in and got those big tents up in no time, positioned the tables, watched Jerry load those huge hunks of beef, pork and that massive turkey onto his cookin' machines. We finished in time to dash home, change clothes, grab a bite of lunch and were back at Patsy's in time to welcome our classmates as they began to arrive. Eli and Len had set up the parking, Faye and Jerry together with Joanne and Howie were managing the Registration tent, ready to sell booklets and distribute name tags and then - they started to arrive, in ones, twos, threes and fours, until the place was full of smiling happy classmates and spouses, greeting old friends as though they had just seen them the day before. Ken Moran arrived a little before 4:00 p.m. and aided by the "loud hailer" Barbara helped get classmates together for two photos taken on the deck steps (see above). While it took some encouragement to get folks up on the steps for the photos, it took no encouragement whatsoever to get them in line for the chow. Oh, and it was so delicious. Cole slaw, potato salad, good rolls, pickles, turkey, beef, pork loin, yum, yum, yum. Oh and did I mention the baked beans? Delicious. 

Lorren Lindevig arrived about 4:30 and once he had a chance to chow down, he picked up that accordion and began entertaining us with the grand music from the 1950s. So much fun. 

About 6:00 p.m. Patsy decided it was time for ice cream sundaes. Omigosh! We were stuffed, but we found the room somewhere. Rog, Stubby, Dale, Marilynn and Joanne helped Patsy with the scooping. There were probably others back there helping with the Iced Tea, the Lemonade, the Ice Water -  Bernie, Len, all those great guys and gals. 

While everyone was eating, Barbara announced the Hall of Fame nomination and it was very enthusiastically received. David Karpeles seemed genuinely surprised. 

And then we talked and talked, visited with each and everyone. A magical day that we didn't want to see end. But, slowly, everyone started ebbing away. The stalwart remained behind to take down the big tents, collapse the tables, stack the chairs. Put away, pick up, clean up. Many hands made fast work of a big job. Thanks a million to all who pitched in. And then we drifted home, exhausted but elated by the enthusiasm of the day.

Thursday was a carbon copy of Wednesday, weather wise. Gorgeous. 10:30 a.m. the train riders gathered at the siding behind the Little Store and waited for the signal to board. Mary brought a pot of great coffee, an urn of water, and nummy little cinnamon rolls and chocolate chip treats. We invited Lorren Lindevig to join us again this day as there is never enough accordion music. More than 50 classmates and guests filled the antique car as we headed out just after 11 o'clock. What a great time we had. Lots of folks enjoyed the fresh air of the open air gondola in the back, shooting photos and shooting the breeze. Once we started back, Lorren started up the music. From God Bless America to the Denfeld Fight song, he knew them all. There was even a few dancing in the aisles. Back at the starting point, the majority went up the hill and around the corner to the Tappa Keg for lunch, served a little slowly as the expected "extra help" was not in evidence. 

Those reliable committee members showed up at Blackwoods by 4:30 to help put the finishing touches in place - door prizes, the booklets, table decorations, everything we needed to mark this as Hunter Territory. Before 5:30 p.m. they started to arrive. Greeting each other as long time friends, held dear with love and enthusiasm. By 6:30 they were ready to eat and after our classmate The Rev. David Gabriel offered a poignant prayer, we filed through the buffet line. The food was fantastic. One alum was heard to say, "Prime Rib! My favorite." Chicken, Walleye Pike, broccoli, salad, dinner rolls, hot and beautifully prepared and served. The Blackwoods staff could not do enough to make us happy. They cut and served the luscious cake from the Exchange Bakery as a lovely sweet treat to end a scrumptious meal.

Barbara welcomed everyone to our eighth reunion, asking all members of the committee to stand and be recognized. She then offered a tribute to Chairman Emeritus Claude Lutzka and he was applauded for his years of involvement with Reunions. She also acknowledged the many classmates, like Gloria and Johnny who served on the committees years ago. Barbara mentioned the 25 classmates who have died since our Reunion 5 years ago and asked that we keep them in our memory. Milt Hill was introduced and he presented Tommy Musolf with a very special document - his Denfeld Class of 1953 graduation diploma. What a thrilling moment. 

Sharon Morris Anderson, Denfeld class of 1956, the evening's entertainment was introduced. She kept us laughing for 30 minutes while spearing some of our classmates with her pointed humor. There followed the awarding of the door prizes. Sweat shirts, books, water color drawings, a cup, a cookbook, a Hunter's Booster Club cushion for use when seated on the Historic seats in the Historic Denfeld auditorium, and last but not least, a pair of Denfeld Hunters sweat sock - just what we needed. 

Carol Woelffer and Dale Torfin brought photos from then and now that were displayed on a table in the dining room. Enid brought photos of the pages from a scrap book she put together for Caroline's children, Woody had a couple of Reunion photos and the ever popular football team photo. 

Departing was accomplished slowly. We don't know when we will pass this way again. But one thing we do know, what Ernie discovered in 1993 is true today - we like each other, we love each other, we enjoy being together. The "last" reunion?? Probably not!

NOTE:  If you have photos of Reunion 55 you would like to share, please send them to me at In doing so we assume your consent to post them here on this web page. We will give credit where we can. Thanks.  

The DENFELD Golden One Hundred AND EIGHT! ! ! 

Here they are, those 53ers and guests who attended REUNION 55 - Is your name on this list? If it is, you helped make this one of the most enjoyable reunions ever!

Joanne (Cameron) Robson, Karen (Johnson) and Louis Somrock, Doug and Pat Johnson, Joan (Haddad) and Dennis Huston, Howie and Barb Larson, Glenn Fox, David and Marsha Karpeles, Dale and Joan (Mitchell) Asperheim, Claudia (Christianson) Nimrichter, Enid (Baldwin) and Bob Coning, John Hill, Leroy Grant, Milt and Kay Hill, Jack McKillop and Peggy Dodge, Mary (Haug) and John Larson, Lynne (Ekman) Kumle, Roger and Dianne (Boots Cloutier) Anderson, Carol (Seguin) and Jim Sasse, Ted and Jan Keppers, Joyce (Ekstrom) Fairbrother, Jerry Fitzpatrick, Tommy Musolf, Richard Carter, Claude Lutzka, Marcelene (Rendulich) and Michael Gannucci, Marge (Colberg) McManus, Jay and Jean Kurrle, Gayle Johnson and Donna Jaye, Don Lindeen, Bill Hussey, Joan (Anderson) and Walt Musolf, Don Lindstrom, Bizz (Boyd) and Bill Nelson, Betty (Jorgenson) and Albert Poehling, Janice Benson, Barbara Humphrey, John Hedquist, Ken and Harriet Miller, Faye (Bjork) Hietala, Clyde Rogers, Frank Leslie Baker, Alex Sisto and Roberta (Anderson) Sisto , Bob and Diane Klepatz, Shirley (Smith) and Bernie Kilgore, Kay (Hultman) Van Rossen, Ardis (Mesedahl) and Ben Imbertson, Roberta (Donaghy) Finch, Marilynn (Hauer) Kessler, Kathryn (Anderson) and Glenn Engstrom, Lorne and Sara Anderson, Yvonne (LaFontaine) Patterson, Harlan Stenstrom, William and Kay Anderson, Joanne (Antonson) and Herb Johnson, Len Sojka, Dean Fermenick, David and Carol Gabriel, Carole (Woelffer) and Dale Torfin, Carole Ann Olson LaBelle, Una Unander Privette, Dolores Zacher Mitchell, Patsy Munger Lehr, Barbara (Amyotte) and Richard Wutz. Gloria (Hammer) and Jerry Anderson, Phyllis (Ron) Donahue, Evelyn (Roy) Clancy, Woody Rogers, Larry Johnson, Elaine Pederson Hill, Dorismae Drill.. That's 100 AND 8  kids. Woo Hoo!

Missing Persons

Milt Hill reports that we have lost contact with Gerald R. (Jerry) Anderson, believed to be living in San Diego, CA. His emails have been returned and his phone disconnected with no new forwarding number. Anyone having information about the status of Jerry is asked to contact either Milt or Barbara. Thanks.

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